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“I chose to buy from grand passion pianos because I found their pianos to be finer than any others I explored. Not only are their pianos exceptional musical instruments, but they also offer a range of stunning custom casework finishes; both modern and traditional.

Concert Grand Comparison: Bsendorfer Imperial 290, Steinway D-274 and Yamaha CFX This Steinway 6’1" Model A1 is a top quality performance rebuild by Wells Pianos. This piano is a true piece of history. It was hand crafted in 1889 and owned by one family here in Saint Paul.

RETAIL PRICES of NEW GRAND PIANOS 1985 – 1995 – 2005. These brand names listed here accounted for over 95% of all Grand Pianos sold in the United States during the last 35 years.

One of the main differences between grand pianos and upright pianos is that the components of a grand piano move vertically, with gravity moving them back to the resting position. Upright piano components move horizontally, so they must rely on springs to return the components to their resting positions.

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Kawai grand and baby grand pianos are impressive and stately masterpieces – the result of decades-long experience and tradition, perfectly blending artistry and engineering to provide pianists with the uncompromising touch and tone desired in a high-performance piano.

UPDATED REVIEW – October 1, 2019 – Digital Grand Pianos – What to know in shopping for one! – Digital Baby Grand Pianos including full featured ensemble models are lots of fun to own. I receive many inquiries from people who are looking for a good digital Baby Grand piano but don’t want to sacrifice quality for a low price.

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Pianos Rated Piano Rating Guide Best ***** Excellent ***** Very Good **** Good *** Fair ** Poor * GRAND PIANOS GROUP #1 highest quality instruments. Pianos of utmost quality, built to the highest standards in the industry. Many of these piano manufacturers have a very limited production, and are hand crafted by Artisans.

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Grand and Baby Grand Pianos A piano is an acoustic instrument that has internal strings. Hammers inside the piano strike the strings when a player presses the pianos’ keys, creating a resonant sound.

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