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Are you moving to another state? We can help you protect your life’s memories and move with confidence. Our "Ready to Move" brochure and checklist is a handy tool to help you prepare for your move, and understand what you will need to know and do during each phase of your moving process.

Moving guides The long-distance moving process is inherently different than other type of move. Special regulations and planning make long distance moving a special challenge for movers. These guides offer common sense advice to help simplify your move process.

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Long distance moving is defined as a move of over 40 miles that is within the state of Michigan. That is known as Intrastate moving (as opposed to Interstate moving which is between two states). For movers in Michigan that falls under specific regulations and guidelines .

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This guide will walk you through the different moving laws and regulations that are common to people who are moving to Canada or within Canada. Find out what you can expect during your move. What to Know When You’re Moving to Canada: LONG DISTANCE MOVERS: LOCAL MOVERS. Moving Laws and.

Common Rules and Regulations for long distance moves alpha moving & Storage Long Distance Moving Tips. Each moving company has its own specific way of conducting long distance moving.However, there are some specific rules and regulations that are relevant to every long distance relocation, no matter what mover you use and the states you move to.

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Long Distance Movers. United Van Lines has led the moving industry in premium long-distance moving services for nearly 100 years. Over that period of time, these long-distance movers have evolved, integrating the latest in technology, sophisticated customer service best practices and safety standards that put people first.

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