moving upright pianos

Piano movers can charge quite a bit to move your piano. In most cases, you should hire professionals to move your piano. But if you have an upright, spinet or console piano, and a relatively flat or ramped path from one place to the other, you can move it yourself and save some money.

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Using a professional company that has experience in moving pianos is highly recommended. The best way to find a piano mover is to do a Google search for "piano movers" in your area. Some will move a piano for a flat fee, while others will base the cost to move a piano on its weight. The distance of the move must also be taken into consideration and factored into the cost.

Moving a piano requires careful planning and precision. Read our movers' tips on safe moving and storage techniques for your upright or grand.

The piano is an acoustic, stringed musical instrument invented in Italy by Bartolomeo Cristofori around the year 1700 in which the strings.

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To move an upright piano, you’ll need at least 4 people to help you since pianos can weigh anywhere from 300 to 900 pounds. Before you get started, cover up the piano with moving blankets to protect it from damage. Then, when you’re ready, lift the piano onto a 4-wheel dolly and secure it with moving straps or rope.

The first step towards successfully moving one is to figure out which type it is, how heavy it is, and how many people will be needed. The small upright piano might weigh less than 300lbs where a large concert grand can be more than 1000lbs. How to Move Upright pianos. Upright pianos are divided into four groups.

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Some of the best manufactures that make upright pianos are Blthner, Bechstein and Steinway & Sons. On the pictures below are shown the two biggest upright pianos ever made. All large ones like them have high backs. Their height tops out at 60 inches with each of their weight hitting 800+ lbs. Here is more info on moving upright pianos.