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148 reviews of Bay Area Piano Movers "Mike and crew were great! Super easy to coordinate, we just texted each other. On the da you move, he called 30 minutes before arriving, as he said he would. They came in, took 5 minutes to move the piano.

national piano movers Piano movers will prepare the grand piano for moving: Remove the lyre of the piano, the lid of the piano and the piano lid hinges. wrap the piano parts in blankets. Lay two blankets over the top of the piano board. While two piano movers hold the piano up, a third piano mover removes the left and rear piano legs.hiring piano movers The national average cost for hiring a piano mover is $240, with prices typically ranging between $180-$280. Prices can vary depending on the type of piano you have and how many stairs are involved in the move. Long-distance moving, your zip code, the number of stairs you have, and narrow doorways.

Our prices for piano removals start at $180 for local moves in and around Melbourne; We are a reliable service and our piano movers are well trained to move all types of pianos. We are always on time and we will arrive as scheduled at your required destination. Our Removalists are well trained to handle pianos of all styles and sizes.

With over 25 Years Experience, All Pro Piano Movers is among the most highly experienced and respected piano movers in the industry. Having performed work for some of the leading piano manufacturers such as Steinway, Bosendorfer, Mason & Hamlin and Yamaha, All Pro Piano Movers has also been the choice for thousands of piano owners including..

Since 1984, our team has been the trusted piano mover in the San Antonio area. We service school, university, and personal pianos, as well as, the San Antonio Symphony. Get the best piano moving experience for you and your instrument.

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Like we detailed above, the cost of moving a piano depends on the type of piano, the distance of the move, if there are stairs at the location, and many other factors. Larger pianos are more difficult to move because they’re (naturally) larger, heavier, and their shape can be troublesome depending on your location.

long distance piano Spinet Console Piano Moving: Vertical pianos with a height in excess of 36 inches but not in excess of 42 inches. studio upright pianos moves: Vertical pianos with a height in excess of 42 inches but not in excess of 46 inches. Upright Piano Moving: Vertical pianos with a height in excess of 46 inches.

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